SCOUT – My superstar agent..

My Voice/Acting agent have knocked out the competition once again with an epic new website. If you’re looking for a Voiceover of any kind. An American accent, British even, maybe you need a documentary voiceover, something I love doing, check out Scout. Oh hey wanna see some of my documentaries? The Guns That Changed The Game on Apple TV, my Australia Documentary Arid Heart or The Great Divide. Oh no, I made this about me didn’t I? Ok, well theres other great talent there like Nathaniel Dean, Theresa Lim, Leon Murray and even Michael “Tell ’em they’re dreamin” Caton. Well done Kathryn, Ally and the team. Big year ahead!


Waking up with a pounding headache, memories from last night rushed back. An influencer with a whopping 2 million followers, one glass too many, and an evening drenched in youthful exuberance. Here’s looking at you, Pia and Kane. But let’s not play the blame game. In truth, it was all me, relishing the moments and living it up with some social media titans.

The honour was mine to be a part of the maiden SXSW Sydney. Hosting panels, orchestrating a grand soirée at The Alibi, recording voiceovers for the central stage, and introducing illustrious personalities like Charlie Brooker, the genius behind ‘Black Mirror’, and the iconic Nicole Kidman. Fun tidbit: I once shared the screen with Nicole in ‘BMX Bandits’, zooming around on my blue mongoose, donning a Davey Crockett raccoon skin hat – a gift from my father, straight from Disneyland.

Now, for those uninitiated, SXSW (South by Southwest) is a beacon of creativity and innovation originating from Austin, Texas. A tradition of many years, this festival has now set its sights on Sydney, Australia, for an upcoming decade-long extravaganza. Picture Expo 88, but amplified: more parties, head-banging rock n’ roll, futuristic robots, flying vehicles, AI-operated vending machines, bustling ad agencies, immersive social media pop-ups, and an unending supply of free beverages, food, and experiences. And oh, not to forget, the occasional morning-after headache.

A quick nostalgia trip: During Expo 88, as a 15-year-old rebel with jet-black hair, I operated the gold stamp machine in the United Nations pavilion. Quite the journey from there to here.

If you’re even remotely associated with the creative world, mark your calendars for next year’s SXSW Sydney. The connections I’ve made are invaluable. I’ve ventured into the realm of video game voicing, initiated discussions for a brand-new studio in Brisbane, potentially bagged a film role, and expanded my VoiceOver network.

A heartfelt shoutout to Joe Millward, Mel Poole, and Dan Macarthur for making this week nothing short of legendary. Check out their project called Metropius. SXSW Sydney? Highly recommend. Five stars.

Charlie Brooker the Black Mirror creator and Julia Zemiro.

Joe Millward, Mel Poole and a cross eyed hooligan.

Rock ‘N Denim

Hailing from the North Shore of Sydney, die hard Manly Sea Eagles fan Kai Brown has had an incredible life so far. Kai is an accomplished musician who has rocked the USA for the last 10 years and when he’s not surfing or pumping out the hits he is designing and creating these incredible denim designs for his company All My Relations worn by supermodels and instafamous people the world over.

First 20 minutes is the fashion and the rest is stories on Rock N Roll. Enjoy
Kai Brown and please subscribe on iTunes. If you’re feeling generous please sponsor us on to help us pay to make this show 🙂

Me and Kai at his studio in Stanmore.

Episode 24 – Tinder Linda

I was at my sister Rochana’s wedding a few days ago and ended up chatting to some people I didn’t even know at the bar. They were talking loudly about different apps that they use for dating. One georgous young lady had some amazing stories about the experiences she has had on Tinder. She had so many funny stories I asked her to tell them on my show. Only if she could have a pseudonym and so Tinder Linda was invented.

On The Mike

To book me please CALL Kathryn on 1300 66 95 85
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Ok this is pretty self indulgent, but hey I have to let people know I’m back on the mike in voiceover land somehow.
I just recorded a new demo with my good buddies, Sydney voiceover legend Ric Herbert and Sydney audio engineer, super guru, Peter fast fingers McCorquodale from Crocodile studios at Rozelle in Sydney. I have been barking at the stick in the padded cell (voiceover booth) since I was a kid and just when I thought I knew everything, I learnt something new from some clever old dogs. Actually that is a shit analogy but you know what I mean. I get people e mailing me about VO work every week asking for advice and my advice is pay the money and get a coach, work with experienced people, always look for different angles and styles to change your approach and perspective on a script. Ric Herbert and Peter McCorquodale do amazing work together and I highly recommend them if you’re putting together a new VO demo. This is what they look like, but don’t let that put you off because they are extremely talented, smell quite nice and are very friendly. If you’re reading this thanks again guys!!

New demo recording

Peter Mccorquodale from Crocodile Studios and Voiceover guy Ric Herbert

My agent is Kathryn Scott 1300 66 95 85

Gorilla On The Loose

The Gorilla is Coming

Its Big Its Hairy, Loud and I'm working there.....

I got sick of filling in for radio shows all over the country. Now I finally have my own. Whats crazy is my dad Grant Goldman will be on air at the same time. He hosts the breakky show on 2SM, which is run out of the studio next door.
If you know a funny girl who could answer phones and be my side kick please tell her to e mail me or send details to the address below.