Mongol Rally 2018

Three Men, 15,000 kilometres, the distance from Sydney to New York, a crap car and some really silly outfits. Why? Well it’s for charity of course. Not just any charity, but the Charlie Teo foundation who are at the forefront of the fight against Brain Cancer. The interview is a chat with some pals who are coming on the Mongol Rally with me from London to Mongolia. Heres some photos of the car we just picked up in London. Doesn’t look promising does it. SIf you want to get involved in our trip, we have this thing called the “Golve box Challenge” where you make a donation and write a little challenge here.

Is this a real mermaid?

The Shape of Water creature has nothing on her. Even if it did you know its a rip off of the movie Splash with Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks. Anyway, this mermaid we’re chatting with is one of the best free divers in the world. So she can hold her breath for like 4 minutes, thats half as long as a dolphin and nowhere near as long as you wil;l hold your breath waiting for your Bitcoin to go up in value. Ok, I’m waiting too. Meh! So Julia Wheeler is an animal activist, a conservationist, a TV host and a deadset legend. Check out her incredible instagram @iamjuliawheeler Amazing.

WTF is Bitcoin?

Trader Cobb aka Craig Cobb has left the lucrative world of trading stocks to go into full blown Crypto trading. He is a straight shooting Bondi bloke who knows his stuff back to front as you may have seen in the recent episode on 60 Minutes Bitcoin episode in February 2018. During his 15 plus years experience in traditional markets like stocks, FX, commodities and bonds (as well as over 6 years as a mentor to tens of thousands of traders), TraderCobb has worked with some of the biggest names in trading. Having travelled the world, presenting his knowledge to traders, who were looking to either make trading their new life or improve upon their current trading skills. If you already know what a blockchain is fast forward a little past our Bitcoin 101 introduction where we talk about a variety of coins, what to look out for and how to navigate your way through this very exciting and world changing space. Craig host many courses and on line training for people wanting to venture into this space.
Its a great chat and we will be having many more in the future I’m sure.

The Worlds Greatest Stuntman

Ok so Judd Wild is so humble they could name a pie after him. He would HATE the headline I just wrote for him, but its TRUE!!! He is the worlds best stuntman in my eyes. He has won so many awards all over the world, performed the most amazing stunts in movies from Mad Max to the X Men. Definitely the go to guy for stunts in Australia.
This is why I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try my hand at doing my own stunts. Unfortunately it didn’t work out so good. See if you can figure out where the stuntman took over.

How To Make 50 Million Dollars A Year

This episode, Nik and Alex jump ‘On The Mike’ to chat all things business. From making over $50 million in sales this past year, the boys are on a rocket ship to success. Working with the biggest names in entertainment like Kylie Jenner and Connor McGregor, these two Gold Coast legends are not stopping anytime soon. Next episode is the legendary Sonia Kruger.

Roy Billing is one of Australias most respected, awarded and revered actors. Star of great Aussie films like “The Dish” with Sam Neil, “Underbelly”, “Jack Irish” with Guy Pearce, “Chronicles of Narnia”, “Rabbit Proof Fence” with Kenneth Branagh and many more.

He campaigns for actors rights, he does a ton of charity work and is so celebrated in the Australian film industry.

Roy and I have the same awesome agent, Kathryn Scott from Kathy Evans and we adore her! She’s the best!

To hear any of Roys or my voiceover tracks go to 

Hey why don’t you hire us to be your voice even!!

Live from North Bondi Surf Club thanks to Goldman Wines.

Roy Billing.

Nothing Rusty about this guy!

GREG RUST is Australias greatest motorsports commentator. He loves being at the coalface when the action’s unfolding getting the best of any race by being in the thick of it.

Greg has hosted motor sports shows with everyone from 1980 F1 world champ race car driver Alan Jones to the late great legend Barry Sheen.

A commentator on national radio, The Commonwealth Games, Red Bull Air race and many other appearances over the last 20 years have made Rusty a part of pop culture in Australia.

Born into a family with a genuine love for all forms of motorsport, he was a regular at the Sydney Showground Speedway as a child and competed as an amateur racer who started out in karts. In his late teens and early twenties, Rust enjoyed some class wins as a driver in rally sprints and khana-crosses. He has also driven V8 Supercars, Formula Holden, Formula Ford, Toyota Racing Series and Speedcars/Midgets for story research.

He’s the guy who would have made Australian Top Gear successful.

Hope you enjoy Rusty On The Mike.

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Amber Lawrence

Amber Lawrence is one of the most beautiful, down to earth and extremely talented women you could ever meet. Her songs are a feel good mosaic of everything from, family to the farm Super heroes to Lifesavers and her latest song “Our Backyard” with Travis Collins is sure to be remembered as one of the great Aussie anthems of our time. Buy the album “Happy Ever After” and support Aussie artists on iTunes today.

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