The Dream Doctor

Joan Hanger is a dream doctor to the stars. She has just written a book about her friendship with Lady Diana and the dreams that she used to have. Theres a few freaky secrets in there too. Enjoy the latest episode of On The Mike.

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who is prince Harry’s father real father all this to be go east when I found on the web James Hewitt James here James your game up but he looks like James you it also looks like it’s not cold yeah my government and was on the Mike today we got dive to the strange mysterious world of dreams we have on the show this lovely lady in front of me by the name of judge to hang and jogging was actually the dream specialist the dream analyst the lady di and a lot of other celebrity sites today we’re gonna find out how the hell you become a drain analyst is the psychic thing we’re going to analyze people’s dreams who is sending in the the dreams that had on our Facebook and %HESITATION and welcome to the show right now John how you worked on the Mike I’m job I’m chomped absolutely debate here so good to have you all how do you become a dream expert what do you do with that crazy why not talk dreams to my children when they were growing up and I had a Greek and Italian friends and if someone over Gabrielle dreamt of Tigers allies while I’ve been doing the hair I’d be ringing might not have a guy what does that mean that I mean just take to fulfill the whole thing I’ve been having dreams everyone and that always up to something I have to I may be able to help someone but I can’t I have to study where would you study so you data just oversee that I did a bit behind but then when you started doing it I said was that you were not sure it was your thing and then a year on the today show just last week to my nice range yes smashing segment they they were really and you’ve got this book and I miss dreams of lady di so you must be good if you go it now going out the drains from royalty so from royalty let’s dive straight into it all yes to the dreams from all of the fans out there that they want to know exactly what’s going on in their lives with the drinks zero as if he’s trying to once he Malcolm trip that the city kings won the title of the CD seeking to take my work for as the court citing say all wow take to what we had to do with Jesus girl yet that the wall on feeling all right five now I’m doing actually if you do something often enough like you do with Mike on the Mike exactly how you become good at it but I think you actually acknowledge a gift and you start to put it gets bigger and bigger with you because I’ve talked to the world about dreams and the fact is that that someone like that with it with the cavs team wanting to win against a drug thing and what he wants them to win that’s a great dreams it as a sign of the Melbourne Cup doesn’t mean they’re going to win well I could possibly win if enough people drifted up I’ve and pushed to the longest time always stories sometimes we dream the dream is six months before we will stop before something happened that when he had a win is a fine it was a short day is here yeah well you know the the next season and bills about bar up in Andrew bugs just come over from the NBA all wow these plows well they we got Kevin leaseback who’s at the previous %HESITATION in the pay Brad nearly all supplies ready to do it so I think the city kings I gotta be applied to see that this guy’s got to be sold out tickets on sale very soon if not now motive check that city kings dot com quick plug for the book every tape that Malcolm was it the city kings that was not yet thank you very much for your question now the next one is from about bush got it as a kid she had the same dream over and over again rises in a house which is going at the time everything would be so real that you totally think that she was awakened suddenly by and lava would pop out of the leather couches and it would start one spoke about everywhere in the sound to be deafening feel a lot on me in the heat radiate on me it seemed to be forever I wake up absolutely drenched in sweat what is that all I’d love to know how she would not wish which was of a child the child actually and she said had it many times that means something did happen the first time she kept having a dream but the message walls that something was going on it sounds like health to me definitely sounds like something in the someone in the family with a well something was I’m sure she was fine but she was having is that it’s a very very good buyout popping out of the five that’s how it was that made him Roy because you sitting on your office that could be it the bush could get maybe get a check but bush here I’ve got a dream angel here steps may not have Smith said general question what about dreams when you wake up when you you were dreaming that you were crying they intrigue this young young lady by the name of Steve Smith she was crying in a dream she write stop crying she says when you wake up while you were dreaming you were crying do cry well well how often she has it when does she have it does she have it after a certain type of day that she has that’s the secret of a lot of dreams you must check on the day of the dream and to keep it keeps recurring you at taking a message on board yeah and that’s why your sub conscious is giving a message to your consciousness to get some to do something about it captain Scott at the same thing she’s actually my agent so we we know why you’re crying usually Catholic we get something to do with it Claudia says so I reckon I could not be said of the clock every night without fail I have at least two or three epic drains and she goes into great detail he every dream just like wow like a movie insure members everything in one day tell and she says you have a full on action thriller horror drama romance sci fi you name it sometimes they really Whedon surreal and other times it just like watching a film in the morning when she wakes up she feels like a really cool one up maybe should run and dance like Stephen King used to write a lot of very bad to say she arrives how is she an artist could you paint them yet will maybe she’s as route anyway says you tell a part of him and she’s pretty sure it’s got something to do with the medication she’s on I think you might be right there %HESITATION and they’ve got more intense but not enough that explains the the content she said she’s tried lucid dreaming is well known less attention and very excited that way I know I’m dreaming I think right I’m gonna go out of the race run and jump up and give a flood of the ocean and I’m going to be the biggest legend in the world you know what what what is the guy now has a private dreams I’m not surprised because something with that epic dream is really the one you’re saying it’s a flying dream is ambition if it’s being when you had a fantastic program and that you’re on top of it all that’s when you dream not that David Letterman people out that gold replied that that after a big show after any show indicted on you feel great about you have made any mistakes it went well that’s the big story but when you have a bad show and you have not yet down the down you’re only as good as the last show I say thank you Clodius yapping epic dreams that maybe it’s too much sugar before you go to sleep now I personally I think she should be right issue not Paul McCartney but she could be a ride as you could be out of office you should be way with what I told the people who had the children have a monster dreams you draw that did the child to sit with you draw the monster and you give the monster big bunch of flowers with and talk to some put him on the free and so the dream goes away the same as what code is doing she should be drawing those are paid out all of them yet because I that’s what our dreams out you said it Mike creative energies that creative imagination we’re gonna get into Diana’s strings which is %HESITATION the book the book the written of up to a few more this is great because it’s what better way allow that to understand about analyzing dreams just analyze them here with the amazing John hang a dream analyst Susie Ryan says he has lots of weird and wonderful dreams most of them are in black and white sometimes the allocation occasion along to be a couple of college colors dreams about jumping on the trampoline ninety nine to wake up sometimes almost hitting someone in the face with her arms flying around this is Donna said dialing I don’t know what the violence means nothing of them travel about download little bit of getting rid of the all that excess energy that she’s got but however I think one of the things about seeing that in your dream and you’re happy about it she’s happy about that sort of James it seems to be but %HESITATION what was in that what else was a dream a car but she says you are traveling around like rabbits usage jumped a lot about his family being under attack and putting them in a dream she fights and spice for them and makes them hiding on the key and and hot high for that from the protectionist sees a petition the protection is in the family way if she is she thought to stop doing that because it’s affecting her she’s gonna sit sit back and let someone else be the protection so that that’s a very strong dream actually it’s the it’s great to know more about the dream about I love getting these streams today because people still have to get into their dreaming Mike that’s what they do because our life will move along quickly that have a much better live yet as I said six months before you can have a jury because you don’t have a diary you don’t write it down you don’t know the project that six months before erosion of a dream diary is actually exact address Reagan who you might know it from the voice all shows all yes amazing at she should’ve won yes another one gets sick or something like that his dad bought a baby elephant that could fly and he had a trying to combat the conditions are so bad too much wind such try to teach the elephant fly because I could I could fly she could fly but the wind was so strong I guess the speed so in a little along with that before my doing shows and and and the wind is like you know maybe delta Goodrem’s not want to get away you know one of the other judges the what’s so much on her team and she also it is said the drink was so long it catapulted her away and she was with Robin Williams who was her ex boyfriend and she wanted to connect with them again so she flew through the sky into his arms which is bizarre and then she was in like a glass globe on the other side and and she couldn’t penetrate the glass globes get backing with rum Williams and and so she softened her mind and then go with the flow and then she’d get back in there with him and should be on a bike that’s mermaids with braids and there were like a staring at us and it what is going on with your mind what is going on is it absolutely stunning during that the wonderful thing about that girl is that she remembered so I’m not sure that’s what’s so exciting festival let’s look at the elephant that’s like a cloud she’s been facing a cloud overhead that’s what she and she obviously recognize that without being able to verbalize it and the other thing about a flywheel flying his ambitions I told you exciting it’s getting up it’s a lot of people who are blind flying the dreams I mean this is a wonderful way of expressing freedom of thought freedom of getting away but also if you are what you have the pot now just what she saw you see how she will Robin Williams will you see lying through their duties on yeah I know I know he’s an icon and he he’s gone he’s dead however the fact that she’s mixing with someone like that and a great big huge on domestic on domestic animal she can handle anything so I wouldn’t give her future away I think it’s still there with that so Jane she’s able to mix with the best she’s able to handle and they often and try and try and they often I mean you know she’s taking on a lot of stuff and I think she shows that she’s a very strong will strongly willed girl and that chat if she keeps up that positive strength she writes she could do something pirates at the end but apart Ali part which is being kept captured or something perhaps he’s scared all of them someone I’d say she might be scared of someone putting that the water on her ideas on her plans on her %HESITATION on her creativity she got someone is it says all no don’t be silly about that you can’t do that you know it but she’s got a four five three that same resided became a dream and let’s see who does things like that and say no I can do it I can do that and that’s how I look at that died it water old time that if you’re a girl you during your guy I’ll Iran’s says saw a go for engine she’s a guy trans gender thing often that’s a help for your sexual out of mine to have maybe you need to just so that tried out stress like a guy for the day and now I don’t see any real now doesn’t it means that if you’re going to make love with that other person you go you have a lot of confidence if the same six all it’s a confidence thing about a hundred dollars ago well you know your sort of learning something else as well I want to be dominated yeah well could be I’m not gonna die they’ll go to guy with you always watch the lottery together we don’t have to use the forty you can do whatever a case this is great I’m and I’m sure the people who are sending in these %HESITATION these drain questions lot the minute I love the new tires on doesn’t get to eat to your dreams today well you will get you to comment in the in the section below you to check it later and love a lot and maybe we can give away one of your books or something we could actually the best dream give me in the coming tonight reside dream bizarre dreams is cool we wish you did his regular Alice the Tompkins he regularly lucid dreams I wanna what Lucy trainees and dot can change my set a very bills characters someone mentioned this before Hey guys hang on this is drained during his training he just keeps going up on a force well is the best feeling in it isn’t it in some religious cultures of Buddhism wavy you meditate and you sort of go get into a lucid state look up at a body mind he regularly meditates and he he sent himself into outer space and you know I meditate sins sucks in the energy of the sun what we live streaming is caught it’s quite scary anyway what as you know you you said you do it yourself yeah well enough alone but it is a study of its online so I can’t really do it in a couple of words you know I mean that people could you have to be Mike Shaw when your lucid dreaming that you do come back into that room into a bad that’s the scary part is that what you what you may you when you leave that losing body lately a lot of it is really do you think the I don’t think so however is another story about dying in slate because if people say that if you take for that you’re gonna die just like yeah yeah well if anyone was cheating on you know I got there I was married to dangers summing up of simple people dentistry than I’ve ever my girlfriend’s an amazing actress but when she’s not acting she’s a dental this in awhile and %HESITATION and and she’s told me about that train that some people say when they they go to different colleges have this feeling that we feel the dream of your teeth falling out you captain often if you catch them if the blood flowing that’s really good because it’s sort of like guys back to ava Muhammad when the blood is flowing it means it’s good it’s always gonna have an exact I don’t mean a lot but anyway I did this thing the other day with them Georgie gotten a and it was amazing she told you on the on the program that she has a taste filling out with buzz going on this you know catching the tape and she said but it suddenly all bugs come out in the middle of thirty one I went all my god I didn’t have time to do it on a a but serve anyone’s or a means I did tell her afterwards that it means that she’s out with with her speech is at two twenty at a speech in diet and your image how you out and she risk often she has a fear hidden fear hype is gonna that you would say the wrong thing with their interviews and that’s why they are we allowed to come yeah that’s my whole show you one thing %HESITATION Angela Tyla white women female statue head fell off thank thank you for doing point form Angela she’s written by one of the full stop female statue full stop head fell off full stop old okay so you had fell off in years that you’re gonna feel yes well I don’t know that this is a special set you near her bed or whatever that is one of the key we said is that you are not a statue bro sorry to say I enjoyed that what what is in the range of Asia one off or the headphone out decapitated world she’s got a good sense it’s quite a good thing you study with a new a new look and new things out a data it isn’t very helpful I should die in a drive by the bridge child had was decapitated probably wishful thinking when something like that Rossbach Watson in this is a dream onowski bad as well because I had this a lot when all we got it and I used to wake up when that the sun to be shining through my window in the morning and think a nuclear bomb going off when I was about to die and and %HESITATION Ross fatwas and city often dreams nuclear war and the end of the world also experience is a lot of flying drains possibly the result of dealing with his flight simulation in these jobs a rust not all about the way he takes big flight simulators around mine is a flight simulator festival as well that I went to one year so what what what does that mean designed to lie I mean that in his ambition probably he’s he’s got a lot of ambition but he’s not to calculating it properly is leading to just sit down and they should be he should be cackling about but other than that I what else we yeah well I think what he’s expecting something John I know almost happened why is he expecting that what is in his life what is inside him every day that it is live that makes him think that you said you dreamt of that when you like I was a child that could have been on and what age you were it could be the start of your sexual feelings it could have been anything the sudden they say well I’m sorry I remember my dad was only about twelve with that he let me watching a horror movie the day after tomorrow that he said yes I that was all that was on my pop in anyway Cassandra gas on whose %HESITATION an amazing acrobats who %HESITATION works I think it’s still was circus or one of the because of our intent alike to Sandra she said swimming in an ocean that never ended not to stress not tied to just keep swimming through the bluesy peaceful and beautiful actually I don’t know if she ever feels you can call that you have to use self a grand dream so that if she’s having a really bad day or if you’re going to bed that night going all my golf whatever entry but I’m going to bring my grand dream back in have that tonight I will yourself into something so beautiful died let a guy Cassandra that’s not on to it yet keep running that one can call my my friend’s childhood home was on fire what is finding my parents still live there was an explosion some sort of gas like we could smell a range of blood was waiting was taking forever for the fiery sting herbal five means that she could have had too many doing this on top of there she signs off yeah that’s a good girl I know why often you have to check also I made it clear if you had it a few times you definition J. someone else’s highlights week yes being a medical love my I remember my step mother gave me some medication because I always had the flu once I think she gave me too much up I thought I was stuck to the roof as dramatic to the roof because I thought I killed the president and I’d say to America and I’m not going to get out of my diet no water that made it was us that was abandoned me additions Blas just drug I’m glad you remembered it McCallum bell was caught in a tsunami but my partner and I had a house in nami dreams a lot cool I don’t like that get rid of those tsunami dreams because that’s because you are not getting rid of the contract that is a great big %HESITATION SF you know at big tidal wave comes at you it means you bloody everything built up and used to pop the doing the same thing that must be lovely did apart every night I don’t know how you doing that because as like to it you let it be would be able to vote and to nominees almost insinuating that you getting swept away often in the title will try to dream that people have is active that breaks the glass and it comes at the but it’s because you all your feelings you don’t keep the cat I you dont slammed the door you being Mr Mrs perfect there and get rid of that be Rio just say what you say no I died like that tonight but in a Darling I hate it testimonies building up the tape is a lot of water is emotion water is if it’s dirty water clean water all those those images in your dreams means something bassoon nami dot that and being washed away I that I think I’m very worried about those two I had that is not how they go yeah okay will %HESITATION does right wants to know about the six so I black kids in this that she keeps hanging on him in her dream kittens she’s looking for comfort at all black kitten so she did a bit negative into in that I don’t know what kittens out to her she may need to get one has to go and sell that one just get a love note and get a cute little tiny black once in love in a line she does it kitten is a comfort site will deal with it on her lap and you stroke it you know I’m right and that and the dog is like a god damn but the church the kick it at that start chicken or that the kitchen is your comfort hops on your lap and you’re able to get it’s a comfort signs are I would say look for more to find out more about her county needs him loved Israel of you got to get the little **** target it’s actually Tyler says I have a lot of six strings mostly about celebrities and the last one was will speak one injector room if you can do it with Will Smith you can do it with anyone girl so that’s what it’s all about a lot of men dream of elle macpherson still I can’t believe how they still dream of building do you do that during that on with us and now that make a lot of terror on the capitol they’ve been dreaming about at age twenty five or they dreaming about fifty dark out into the I. young male all their anyone if you’re dreaming of any celebrity or any big name maybe stop anyone like that you must realize that if you can make it the same as people dream of having afternoon tea with the queen in London I dream of having out into the great you know what that makes people in their hives this online if they see the next door neighbor going out but I never go out like I get to bed think we’ll all have a dream about having out into the dream with the queen it means that they can rise above it all that’s what I’m trying to say rise above it and end it this is amazing it’s incredible insight into drains and %HESITATION I either so many of the minute they did all these people have mentioned I think I’ve had I’ve had a lot of the strings that day exactly so good to get your take on it but what when you ask people I ask people to tell you about the dreams are like on a message board or something like that you kind of need them to elaborate what’s going on in my life and I do I do want you to talk about so we we could do that with a mind like you get in the comments section and %HESITATION and yeah after the show and we’ll get you just a little bit a little bit a queue in a because you really do that and get an idea of who they are age groups as well you know Cheryl and like some of those dreams where they live I’m not yet I know that some of the streams definitely appointing two family thing issues and issues that last run this an obvious place plays those church all of its life experience that you speaking from and you know it is actually a not someone who’s just come out a union you’ve studied psychology in minutes you’re not able people alike you’ve been around for awhile yes and it and it’s easy to figure out people who who they are they walk of life the job that I just have to figure out when I when I went to study in Zurich and the U. institute at being your wound and that means I I stayed over there for three months and and did the course the dream analysis call you do the jet bike how about like how young so I have sense will you know Sigmund Freud will cow you’ll lose the opposite to him that with the two to the brilliant man in the world right okay so he has a wonderful place a villa on the lake and you could not go down every morning and you’re there and it’s the most wonderful experience I’ve had in my life so I go back there as often as I can over the years but that’s many years ago but when I came back from that I had been asked by woman’s day to put on to do that dream column and I think this album is someone I that and I said I had to go and see a union analyst because I asked them just like you said and I went to see someone was it okay that I could actually ask people to send their dreams it to a newspaper because nobody that go to the psychologist on the couch and he said join your opening a Pandora’s box guy for it I came back to Australia I go to you know I have a hundred and fifty later today to stop with I just kept piling appalling and that’s how you that’s how it happened I studied as and I’ve written six books segments are African Saturday god I mean you know it’s a lot of fun it becomes it just it shows people what you can do with an idea of how you can travel with it in your head in your body and press it doesn’t mean you’re going to be a multi millionaire but that’s not what it’s about yes because the kind of job you can just do from anywhere in the world that I had on that have another like this I set up a couple of cameras we could be in Japan right now known and not we’ll be talking Japanese so if anyone comes to you with a dream and it’s a recurring nightmare yes do you have a refer them to like special help wore a psychologist or the doctor because some people have Bob PTSD after being like a war zone or something online and you have that come across people well I’ve come across some not that I would refer them I wouldn’t even try to take it I’m taking you can it when it’s personally when you see the page paper that we are one to one and you actually can top to tell what the person’s a lot is that nervous to see this so easy that you know I say it’s been amazing a one night it was funny we had to I had the mother sit in the chair then the father set the chair this is not you know three bears but mother and father and if I tell him because they worried about the sun and then this is to set the J. O. telling me about the fact that what the worries of the sun they still worried about the sun and and what is strange out I didn’t get to the ball I finally the boys at the chair and was hysterical but I mean I solved at all but anyway it was %HESITATION streams all I can’t remember the whole thing out yeah but he he we did solve it for him he was causing havoc in the health and that it is a well dealing with stuff in their heads rather than I it was fabulous that they were all concerned enough to see the dream day Rhodri has a lot at all just really helping families so that it comes in a lot of ways I is what she when we had the mock Bryant thing I’ve written the Tasmania the mass shooting is like a measure last match you I used to have all that is I think I said to you from the moment stay a state hundreds of letters every day a couple of the letters came they and the police had seen them whoever’s doing all the research for that sort of things that got in touch with me but how did our reply to this person that person was quite fascinating really so people were writing letters to you about the games off to being in a non brine mixed in a way that way from or what they were from but the dreams were caught his eye while and I dont so there were a couple of them I know I rang the hospital I rang my friend who is a psychologist before out to yeah I I never out said anything that I wasn’t sure off and I couldn’t take anything on that is when I’m not qualified for that have you got any twenty years or more of doing dreams of everyone in the world and you know our %HESITATION tiny band even I’m papal Tina Turner and I’ve done it all I’ve done is just being divine princess Anne Bennett tainted to keep talking lady di our Aussie have a right yeah but he didn’t turn out we were invited to I say potty the day I didn’t at all I think about being on the last leg of that was a fun so it lady di obviously one of your favorites all well I became her friend that she trusted friend I mean I’ve I hadn’t of been very careful when I came back with the interview I was very careful to keep most of it out to myself as I talk about it now all yes I talk about it now so what what’s the stuff that you would have kept quiet when she was alive the figure well I’ll talk about it now what I can talk about it now the fact that %HESITATION mystify and wanted me to get something down so he could have something that is appropriate for him and for Daddy and for her in the shrine he had in the Harris ever right yeah a sale you wanted us in something like the book yeah I did so I got together the book I had the dream but then he couldn’t because he could put it in there because of all the court cases he was having at the time so that was dangerous cases with the royal family yes that surrounds it wasn’t a lot of stuff that you would like to talk about not after I was a very very much circle case with a real family I guess was referring to you know the driver who was driving the calls as Ryan had protection that was supposed to be there and you know letting a pepper up to drive alongside the car and it like that but I don’t even see the price of any of that kind when anywhere near that so what do you think happened well I think %HESITATION I don’t know I think that cow was a good kid I don’t think was in good make me do you think the driver was drunk or I don’t know about that time after the the accident and injected him with alcohol thought I know either but well I don’t know but the thing was is is it always leave this mystery about it budget why always me and the other mystery was that my daughter had lived in Paris a lot and she said why did they take it to the hospital which was about three quarters of a mile an hour away when there was one fifteen minutes guys so I mean there’s all this stuff and she was still alive at that time but one doesn’t know what I mean history may come out with the story we’ll just put it in the JFK did they really land on the marathon man I really you know this come on site and is so young going all as we can see there that we can sell them back you know she was an amazing person lady died he was still at by people all over the world and and what was she like as opposed to you know what I love what you’re saying now is a closer lady di anyone I love you’s calling as you love that now she would love it has skin and how she was she was terrific and I mean she loves to have fun I’ll tell his story the shoes I will much you know but it’s the second time in the palace and I said man I’m not gonna buy new frock every time I come here this is ridiculous should all I see you got your Charles and Camilla is on as I beg your pardon motion over it what about you and she said well um as shown wearing my I see it Christian Dior should yes right Charles and Diana’s I said they tap shoes ma’am because ours as laying back and she said yes I now call them much but I mean that’s the sort of thing diving you know she was device is good fun he’s pretty all intelligent young lady she she yeah I was going on she was that she knew wasn’t it to kindergarten teacher not another soul not until I I mean and that calling her and forget loose cannons and all this silly talk is just ridiculous I want I find now off her end of this year last year which caused millions and millions of people to celebrate her anniversary had twentieth anniversary the thing was that the paparazzi now since then the palaces got the foot down on the pedal and Pavarotti are everywhere you can’t solve all the mysteries of the world which is what the lady di di alpha head car accident in that in the too hard basket after I have K. default they really land on the moon did I or not I mean diving got me scared about that for awhile you off for a long time I I really believe that they didn’t land on the moon is now I just don’t know why we don’t you know I’m all the other things we told you know I told you I haven’t told you don’t jump retweeted one of my traits all trump great tweeted you Hey ray what we said something about him that was good now either nothing about what do you say to make Donald Trump reality is that a mystery I not a couple years ago how long has it been president dogs being too yes yet in a couple years I think well I don’t know whether it’s present not I think he was it was in February and a couple years ago and I was in Adelaide and I was visiting my friends for America who just come back and they brought all these for the ball is because she was giving her mother a posse yeah and so Louise %HESITATION I couldn’t find us I went out and she had them hanging on the trees and it was in Walker villain Adlai which is active and we we talk suburb like it’s just you know very cement and we’re all perfect in a book of in South Australia and here Louise’s hung all these fifty to a hundred a yellow feather boas dangling from the trees are white all my god wait this is his because I got my farm echo much weight and I just said was something miraculous happened or what did you actually sign the tweet that made him go what I said in the twelve what’s the best we ever I had to eat this not at what he reiterated I mean it’s a lot of millions that went to but I said in my tweets eyes at all well this is something absolutely phenomenal as happened in this suburb here in South Australia in Walkerville they have said the bow trees had burst into fight flights of flour sorry burst into flour and it’s absolutely astonishing the hollows of about something not that that’s so I know I do I do now I did a picture of it I did the picture of the fed about was hanging in the trees and %HESITATION I traded it and next minute I know that I said it was a send up of the walk of the old suburb actually because it’s not a stupid job and to think if they saw fit about that bill probably ring the place so I probably will go to hospital and think that they’ve just had some dreadful not this is a true story I mean that is how the straight I know I’m actually originally yet so I’m I made fun of it indeed with words and that said he read and I get a message back and so he’s the head of my V. I. P. now on my phone the I don’t know drop yes a letter is from AB maybe son a crack on the or something I’m I’m sure what the U. sighing would you get real excuse me Ivana trump and he’s got malign the out what the hell anyway it was quite fascinating let’s go that how he was right he reads everything already jacket so what what kind of let’s get it done and what kind of dreams the lady di had Diana late lady Diana dreamed about when she was it believe me as stage she had I went through love children strange with her I’ve the because I mean I major in nineteen ninety six and she talked to me then that last couple of years that was it on major before she explained a lot of things to be issued to dream of the holes in the cause and torn because at that time really all that means that means that you know everything’s falling apart she was falling apart bodily see when your cries shows something dream is if you listen to this if you’re close shows something I mean something internally with you is very wary very worrying so was that intently meaning a lot for Giles did you wish washy love with nice that was when she was a child while she was in love with him yes she was very much in love with him and the saddest thing is she would have another couple children she wanted about six children and but she said you know that he she knew about it from the very beginning there’s someone else in the marriage and the thing was that she would also had a fantastic dream of the archetype dream because I’ve studied the New York institute I can cut say appetite dream and it’s a dream where there’s a big dock figure hanging IV obeyed standing by your bed it can happen with someone you love has died at what can happen you know or I don’t know what the defective it has a great message for you is actually the stronger side of yourself the anima and the animus the male and the female animal the the animal and the animals look what it was I was mayor and the female side of yourself okay so sometimes you needing to be much stronger and tough like a male side of on the fame out here otherwise you may need to be unlocked calendar and more gentle with you pay with you’ll a pot Noah we a family whatever but it also can indicated you might be pregnant so I said it lasted princess Diana said ma’am please don’t tell me that you’re pregnant I cannot bear it she rolled her eyes at please join plays anyway I was a time that would cause she needed a strong inside of a cell she needed that so much because she used to get torn apart with their war this the protocol stuff in the palace to a to a she hated all the protocol into an old is the the politics in in a bull **** she had to deal with injuries she just typed that %HESITATION the boys when they grew up they could handle it that that but I think I will have in particular could take two could take the protocol that they’ve changed the protocol a little bit since they seem to have they seem to have that yeah dealers don’t seem like you know they they knock about leads with their head screwed on they seem to be you know I wonder that in that that I’d seen like you know Broyles would be from ten twenty thirty years ago at the I think I think the roles of it changed a lot and I’ve had to adapt to the times I had the queen say something amazing the other day she she was asked about yet immigrant problems a different country and you know the people coming from Africa are and and yet she’s and the queen said I don’t really see color you know I I see the person on the news the most amazing thing is you that’s a very good although she’s amazing but I mean once you guys I wonder of that you know there is going to be in charge of all this is the only one of the ways with his wife and daughter nor I was in the and I was in London when I had my I was a baby see I had a program a when I would be in London and I was a lot and I just being to self which is which I had read read don re done self which is made it something stunning I know these beautiful young people were instead of just one guy all my god I’m telling the girl doing that TV the radio with and I said you know we just had some exciting happen is try it we’ve just had our south of Tasmanian girl marry a prince in Denmark and I said we’re just so excited about Christmas Princess Mary and Jesus a government has made us it I think it’s time now I see when I look at all these wonderful excitement of young people in line and we sweeping the streets or in Oxford straight and so what I what I we have you know William should be taken by the queen down to Belmar had discredited Tara down to about our training about the go go’s please join something we can please John died fighting will I say watching because we can’t afford another education we just can’t afford it because the child has to be king yet I have a picture that I love it I’m sure done as I picked it out for her it’s William and %HESITATION he’s walking with one of those wonderful cards I wear in London the big man’s because big dot cut and it’s got a couple of little medals on here not many and he’s inspecting a god minutes walking on his hands not wearing gloves it has a sort of curled like this beside him and he’s walking and I just love the picture because you know what he looks like a king and you know it suddenly there’s something about when you have that has gotten out when he’s there take about dad know this but when you are so I’m not that I thought oh Diana would love that I don’t think Harry’s got that I’ve been waiting has it but as far as Giles is good what what are they going to do everything I mean I’d have long enmity in that family got that go on for years is a good question fully is Harry prince Charles son yes I’m sure he is have you seen the old Spencer what what is it what does he look a lot like because the others band says got red hair what’s the name of the it stays nicely having relations you know you know the yeah but he’s not you know they got talking about yes I do and I can’t think of his name on that I have a good time to get his I. forgetful I’m sorry who is prince Harry’s father real father all this to be gorgeous when I found on the web James Hewitt James James your game up he looks like James you it also looks like it’s not cool Charles Spencer her brother RK you’ve heard of as I’m hot side calorie another conspiracy theory not another one though in a bit another one on the bed yes exactly anyway so exciting time how do you have a whole book of of dying all your friends there is well yes I know you like you talk about this a frightened family wise the family frightened what what’s that chapter all about I wouldn’t actually have had that many dreams of Dinah except I’ve added dreams alive a Great Britain and from all over the world is ours into the because well to show people have a dream the same as all these other people addresses momentarily her or her family or not it out the family is %HESITATION she on on an alive I say frightened family I live right in front of family I know what that meant what about that lady di’s dreams of cross dressing stressing is so that she she’s had I’d have a lot of fun I’m telling you now issues to cross dress well shows up as a man she dressed up in disguise sometimes in the bitter night to go outside to get in Paris she would often with a gorgeous didn’t suit and everything not that to to make sure she wasn’t noises all night and you get this so I’m Anne I anecdotes about how she’s just the most divine thing is it is a section here on her burgeoning sexuality yes with a guy like snakes everywhere and has right now did I mean this is what’s the hiring I didn’t tell you how am I going to major in the palace and I always in the back behind a clear the burgeoning sexuality yeah well well it sure would never find out what it’s all about pain this is not excess of family show you talk about whatever you want thanks and pain as Israeli I I mean excuses I think now it depends where this like is I know depends have withdraws his neck so it was nice meeting you dream and you come and you get to know the stakes are in the kitchen what would you think that is that they’re not always in the bedroom there always I can be outside that can be inside the idea being that Bob made them in the kitchen it’s a not rushing sign owner should think yeah good thanks to god yes thanks him because it was like having about snakes school will I cannot remember that dream now have to look at it I have to read about it in the book have you read about in the book you get it in Amazon that’s how you get the book Diane is drained and and you are going to get into all of the people strains who have written in the box on the bottom I do not watch free of charge and love to and people can contact you on Skype as well that state a contact you on Facebook and and you can do an actual lie along the dream analysis fifteen thirty minutes and yes I can to the bottom of the story because it made so much more to know about someone’s life and how all day hour when I come from like exactly exactly you’re really understanding dreams Mike you actually have become a dream angel either that a few minutes Soviet a dream lately that I could try and analyze while I just it was the last dream you had I just think I dream all the time or not I can all analyze it you tell me if I’m right we was I wasn’t I was actually on any dream go back close your eyes closed I don’t close your eyes John when you to get in the mind because of I can closing my eyes and I’m dreaming that I mean a very fast car I’m driving driving an Alfa you drive your Fosca I’m driving out for a night days what is it let’s just all about sex he still remains a hunting sexy wanting sex with an Italian man wow bossed slick and good looking I could give me another one you drink thank you that’s a very mellow you drink another one is I’m gonna try and I cannot get off on a training right there that dreams clearly about six you’re dreaming you you want to meet a man with a great sounding like he’s a trying drive a you they will not improve the call and get off and I’m hot it’s a view on the rails Fillmore what I’ll do one more well another drink I have a big black dog sex chasing man thank you Joan but being on the show dollars on up it’s it’s really an Israeli raid a tolerant it’s been a tall I I’d hard experience I love it I love it thanks bye get it on Amazon and thank you for watching on the Mike if you have gone all the way to the end of this episode place get on get on to the the comments section down the bottom and now right change I’ll check it out that but what lie in the rocking the we’ve got now reviews I’m getting thousands of people watching the show that never views on I’ve seen so if you don’t mind please give us a cheeky review bad whatever he’s just give us a review so we can sexy review more people having to listen to the podcast though watching it right here if you watch it’s free you know I’m I’m trying to put this all together myself please give a cheeky share thank you very much and if you do give a **** we gotta give away a couple copies of this jumped upon myself unless you get a few space and I’ll give away some people who %HESITATION he share the show to go to the very and say thank you very much like his own watch but being a part of the show by sharing and liking the Facebook page and following Instagram as well at my goal in life Joan you are a dream legend your dream cast and I’ve loved it I’m dreaming about it tonight know what James well you didn’t get it does thank god okay this is a special section of on the Mike wet dreams what I am not a not a sound that’s for the next episode if you comes back

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? Intro Song: The Dash – Lane Harry x Ike Campbell — Mike Goldman is an Australian television and radio host and voice over, probably best known for his various roles on Big Brother Australia series. He has appeared in television roles, mini-series and films. He is the son of television and radio personality Grant Goldman. Mike is the host of ‘On The Mike’, a video show and podcast featuring interesting characters, celebrities, politicians, doctors, legends, entrepreneurs, geniuses, writers, entertainers and many more. —

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hello right it’s it’s been a long time it’s been a long time since we rock and roll up my friend and we have rock and roll he’s got a lot of these scams night what it what it is the right of way life you’ve had growing up in the racing industry getting a feel for the money with that doing a book making and then years later I get out of school and opening in not club in king’s cross the back room which is where we met yeah yeah yeah you with that plenty of times hanging out there with all sorts of celebrities Lara Bingle just the debate about fifty and and then you’ve you’ve not I god amid the horse and then starting this multi zillion don’t like coconut water company in the making for that had them making them making which which obviously yeah leads me to my first question was just to be polite you know what is actually a really nice person yeah I got to have a good chat with him and with there and back room and now is pretty full on and a lot of it is his life life and it was like were crammed down the back of the back room in this little corner with pay which is trying to get to and as many in having a chat and we just you trying to get to as well done live well I got your message that your believer I am at the lay of actually getting autographs I am of the late and when he came back out here we actually got the chance to give him some I cake express and he loved it and drank it haunts me on stage and a little bit of a run around he’s Randy’s eye on these two I say yeah because I worked with and I think it was the same year is that the way that he did the sunrise appearance advice yeah and they had to cancel because like dog they asked me to come down the paper and then grab control on the water and and you know when you go to a rock concert and they have that that second Baria yeah because kids go crazy and all day not crushing the ones at the front couple barriers outside my yeah but they didn’t have that down on the water there secular case so I’m up on stage and watching these kids being pulled out one by one and this is only a couple years off to someone died at the limp Bizkit concert on the golf course sad and so everyone’s gone I don’t know if we can do this because just be wasn’t even a yeah yeah I wasn’t there for another two hours of in kids with were finding and getting taken away in an ambulance on the label is I I said listen I’m not going to work I’m not gonna do the someone a wiki if you’re going to let Justin baby shopping keep kids getting crushes can be really really bad you guys say they canceled it and an online stupidly said something on the microphone about yet we might have to cancel it I had about a thousand hate messages for Facebook doesn’t mean we’re always I mean I mean he’s an icon that I laid eyes on rise to narrated yeah so you you all well that’s pretty cool you got in the dream your rights to cut cut and a lot Lara Bingle as well like she was drinking and all over the world and she was like she was a fantastic part of the development of ice tea cake I you know we we put on she was a friend of mine that water on high to represent the brand she lived embrace what the families about yeah I hear we’re about real people to what about you and tell us what you got yeah that being large yeah yeah yeah ears on that I didn’t and I thought we did we films is that right to take it that I didn’t realize it was also a store up because if you do a bit of research and giggling you in stony online and I actually just talking David Freeman at age two coca and Lara Bingle was one of yeah yeah and she’s doing this reality TV series and she was in New Zealand and on using on television yeah there to talk about the loss of these coconut water next season’s bugs were four and the first thing they do is put up a half naked photo over there branded footballers striding football player he expects that groups like pricing I’m alright and the media that try to cut it down we did we went to New Zealand on we launched a parameter that and it was really well to save and went really well you know we still today we number one on brand represented in in New Zealand and think I got water and she’s done a fantastic job like I said she was a page by United she had everything going for intent of what the values of a stick I can wear and they represented that at the time and we need a way to educate people on what coconut water wasn’t I’m not yeah I knew what it was did not only knowing he’d like if you’re in Thailand you might have it in an actual cut cannot and you think that’s the only way I can have it but it’s it’s involved in in eighteen cans and it’s in cottons and others I’m thinking about wrapping the view up now because %HESITATION well you know you you run a coconut water company in brief freaking coconut water well I did actually I you got so I brought you on one they would crew of thousands he and then what what I told them that we’re finally going to have you with someone who is a company that might bring in some free genre and I may have won a little more on our silly how are yeah what else you got you got all these cake express a green with superfoods all the yeah so you’ve got stuff that sold one of our newest friend is a well as as I’m holding it and looking like we’re doing it of us all of the voting so somebody you Mara %HESITATION let let’s talk about how the hell you got into doing this I mean you you’re a partying not club entrepreneur who’s doing a great job in in king’s cross all ten sheets eight though what am I gonna do now yeah had you’ll sign in and having a cook in a water company so it’s been a it’s been a long journey it’s been one of those journeys far on it’s been ten years in the making actually and it’s the story of thought into becoming a class in New York City sows is on holidays in New York and I just finished my first and only ever taking a class and the teacher gave me a fresh coconut you know an actual you know in a real cut cannot be green yeah that’s the one that you do in the hall younger and so on so yeah I was the memo something like that like hot yet and the the tape to getting fresh coconut and he said to me this is the benefits of a hydration it’s got like five blah blah and I tried it at the time and I love the taste and he said with a couple words to me said they each ESCON I’ve been so how to open and I was like it was that live all of my men that was just like magic had with this today if it was in a ready to drink packaging you just crack and I’ve been drink it yeah very hydration after you’ve just stay hydrated the self from making I groan I’m or anything and and lots and I walked out into the into New York and I started to see that check still is is a coconut water in a package that I’m getting on Google and is researching everything I could and I had no idea about the beverage industry I mean in fact I saw an alcoholic beverages in my father’s bat is a completely different kettle of fish and so I did my research and I saw one Brandon package checking out what I and it tonight because friend in the world god like I kind of fantastic job those guys have done %HESITATION and they it was inspiring to say that this didn’t exist in the Israeli mock and I was like I’m gonna give this cracks I knew I went back and did play three four months worth of research in Google and finding recognize come from and how to still awesome and all this other stuff and I put together a business plan I tried to find a thousand dollars from my auntie time see I see dispenser and divorce unfortunately and got the best thing that came to start with divorce money has your auntie to the lovely lady Jain and she solved in a business that I signed the John Wayne good are going to if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t say that I am I using that shield yet is a graduate family help yeah yeah and ideas as it’s you know it was something that I had this idea and I was just determined to to make it happen and I didn’t have enough money myself to do I had some money myself to put into a site that has was a big chunk of it and I’m so what do the two hundred grand side it was a line that wasn’t gift it was a line and I went traveling with my research and my business I need to I got a job on a holiday just just characters get is a research is a private one on this item drinking a lot of it probably I mean my I mean sitting on a day to find the Johnny drying times to me don’t tell I I pretty sure that my parents would be giving the anybody because I will not look I went I went traveling in sauce of the right coconut manufacture and you know I went to Thailand Indonesia Philippines Brazil motive in countries and I visited probably four or five different factories and manufactures and supplies and yeah and crops within each country yeah and you know one of the things that I discovered and one thing of many looking for was that right manufacturing tens of cleanliness hygiene capabilities taste like you know everything I wanted to to my first visit to an Asian country yeah I’m to understand this and I didn’t want to be manufacturing in some Asian sweatshop with kids and all this other stuff was really wanted to make and that all happens but whatsoever as best in the world so I I and I landed up in Philippines %HESITATION and we produce a factory in the south the Philippines and it just had really good %HESITATION tastes really good cleanliness it had only bass a certification I’m so I just to give a bit of a background and is it today is a day one of my main value sees you nice quality control and insurance and I we end up in a factory all of these two factors that I’ve visited who basically every factory had what they call high sat and I say twenty two hundred which up to me these days the setup factory certifications that you can pretty much get off the back of a milk carton no I like it was like every fact he’s got it in every country yeah but not every factory in every country has this one called the Aussie certification and I I like I really really D. title at yeah that’s what if you’re looking to produce a product that’s got a quality in a factory night for the bass a size two that now we manufacture from %HESITATION five different manufacturers and everyone has the Aussie certification on top of that I said hi Hey seven I say twenty two hundred yeah cool site you it wasn’t real pain that was in the Philippines and don I remember the day that was so that’s where we come from I’m not actually tonight now we manufacture from Thailand and Philippines and the majority of our production comes in Thailand lose I believe that ID five percent of its time and see if we can be taught now I tight lace funny I’ve got the idea to have lies and goodbyes and stuff like that that die in the end I am waiting for that time that when you know I’m sitting in in the board rooms with the time many factors are data in the factory with the wack as an a and a talking tie and are they talking about me and I did it they’re not response no this is very much just learn this because if you got one you might say when you doing one of those deals as point you friend and a toy now I want it all the time people laughed you know the main yeah now I don’t know what the lady boy a lady I I think going to use that language in the factory it’s it’s a like what’s going on in the little tie people like I I mean it’s amazing this interview it will be the last such beautiful people but everyone in the Philippines in tight they’ve just been sighed loudly to work with and I’ve learned so much about their cultures and %HESITATION you now and in the way that they live event yeah why that you know the way that I work in it’s been it might be out some of the villages already some it might be the other day I helping farming communities in Thailand yeah look we’ve we’ve done it a couple of things like that say back in two thousand and eleven end of two thousand eleven actually we just got ranged in calls and pastries our asset of biggest customers and it was sort of half US right yeah %HESITATION we launched in is the end of two thousand eleven and I don’t know if you remember those and I unfortunate tragedy is a massive typhoon that hit the Philippines the biggest hyphen ever hit the Philippines and at that time hits on it wiped out a massive area of the Philippines unfortunately in non condolences to those families that it was on it was really sad and IBM at that time I jumped on a plane and went over there and and tame that with the red cross in and did some giving back to the Philippines campaign here and we lost it all throughout all my bras and everything like that holding signs and also to different at all die night and day nation of out of **** out a part of that sounds for a period of time all went to the red cross in this great I got the opportunity to jump in a helicopter and fly I’ve at the at the what would you call designed it was that if I say I should have died devastation yeah it was it was really devastating and you know I wanted to help that and moving from that day forward I always said that you know we want to work with factories that are involved in the agricultural I’m very every planting of coconut trays and giving back to the local communities because that right is a really important thing you know like I say nothing about that feeling you know when I actually helping people get back on the fate and yeah and you’ve given back and and so many other businesses that probably yeah it relied on that area probably just when I you know I cables so you can’t use them anymore like yeah look at Thailand yeah you got on a plane went over there and get your hands dirty and help out so yeah minutes implies that was on I mean again it was it was a big lesson for me and you know we still could use with them I’m and I cried I’m bad at that time the lesson that I I did land line from that was unite you do need to have multiple sources arm and that’s where we did down we changed to another factory as well didn’t change sorry we added another factor in the Philippines I’m expanded **** source decide now that that put it into a really bad position just got ranging calls we just got range yeah and we’re gonna be out of stock for three or four months and at the time I didn’t have much money in the business and yet have huge styles and it was a massive setback for us not to be out of supply these major retailers that are given is that right to that place right away his room is about these big retailers that make you wait for a year to hide either they got okay a broken and they buy a company never have enough that we had to be destroyed without mentioning any names that ever happened I’d look at no not at all night and they they’re not like that and yet times with these guys really how you set and a pretty consistent on that times have you always just been up on up and do you guys are there many many moments we’ve gone all she’d like like them and you didn’t have enough coconuts yeah yeah what what we gonna do you know it did you have a panic and think she could this be the end yeah look his there’s definitely pain moments in the business slapping like all know what’s going on what we do here and probably one of the biggest things was is the fact that I still live bicycle growing bright I’m a it’s a chapter in a book called winning by Jack Welch which is an amazing book and it teaches the elements of the dangers of growing pride can sometimes you can over index into what you’re trying to do and have the silos there and everything’s going good but can you afford the sustainability of it internally and can you support it internally in sometimes it’s not all about just trying to reach out to every single opportunity better now you know pulling in the reins and focusing two quick is that what Russell crime right getting to be too quick enough by now to manage it yeah like like I said I didn’t have the financial support of them of all these I didn’t have date bank accounts yeah I like the red Baron is a nice lots of brands that you find you know from from your background you know you had a racing family you had not club in the cross you because I I’ve I found it surprising thing you needed to borrow money if you’re on TV do you get a lot of people think ya he’s loaded you know he could just do it only sell the stuff that I could ask what a company I think that’s a great story that Tom glad we’re getting out there about you because I I would have thought that a lot of people like to presume that just because you’ve got this background that you you’re doing alright already yeah spies assumptions and man’s last friend you know I like it’s one of those things that my father passed away when it’s five years out nice site yeah he was in the racing industry and use of both Mike and I mean I was a life that had for five years but is that right you pop in the future when your five year old kid night Sam and spent a great legacy of mine and you know I love love him to death that it’s %HESITATION one of those things that a sound I had to really I had to develop my own future and I went out of my mind and and did they sort of things and now we want left with a lot %HESITATION I still dying you know I have not had any life when you when you lost you that’ll as he’s a guy who took over the reins to be your Guiding Light and Jack had look on the time is right I’m a father figure I I never really had %HESITATION neither was that is this friends of my father that way there and stuff like that definitely %HESITATION but you know I never really and truly one of my biggest regrets in business growing up is I never took on that mental Rall I never had to have proper mental through business and I regret that I do now the last couple of years now I’ve seen the value and how good and mental convey and really help you and have having someone to talk to mom and point out of anyone who wants to start a business going in a line feeling that you give it you had the most of your life is being an asset to you and you use that as an advantage hi I’m look I I think it has been an asset to me no not really no I mean you were just saying you know you’ve you’ve all you’ve sort of been a lot of myself dynamite got instinct yeah I mean I’m a big believer in you got instincts and how is he doing every such an understanding like what you’ve got to achieve and what you what you trying to achieve you know like for instance you nine I went out there on a lame packing what it didn’t exist in the strategy market on using the market now what it says we launched on the shelf in two thousand and ten and this is before the actual health trend unite everyone is still drinking show that everyone didn’t care what that preservatives out having there was all these unite no one is really getting involved in health and that really kicked in maybe four or five years ago service **** and it’s not the best reform shut up yeah oracle eight south of the writing about it I mean I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist approved sinus or anything like that but cities like that feeds can size it’s a horrible thing sang and if you can avoid it and well it is my city can like my my dear old dad year and a half ago I was told the any at months to leave and he is a sugar faint yet and he went off sugar your house ladies who he yeah let that get me wrong every now and again you got it for yourself a little right absolutely better ways of doing it and as he reached into the SP all ask what’s that’s the vote got to put into higher on that and I free flight yet of the chocolate flavored cake and what artistry this this is amazing you drinking coffee flavored coffee flavored packing out water this is not something on I’ve always been fascinated about the coconut water because I’m I’m a huge fan %HESITATION when it when I’d say this one because it’s my favorite all live just by what is available and some of them types like absolute dog she yeah like this this stuff in the can yep but just like rusty water and and someone on another guy I met who had his own coconut water company years ago I said it’s got something to do with using young coconuts and under the sentimental time you actually cracked him in and sat at a really good question and it’s actually what we’re about to reveal with everybody this year now call the CSI one of the most asked questions that I get is why does every coconut water tastes different what is the difference between every coconut water why does this one have more sugar than that one why some sweet some south some taste like us you know I like this and %HESITATION and we wonder if you know that the people we want to tell that give them the story in ten years the guy that was the question that I was asking when I went and visited everyone of these factories and this is probably one of the key things to the types range that we have in and out success is the quality of what we do and I’m gonna share that story with you and why save if you watch the source echo cannot even within the same country that is at the top of every of a top of a hill on the bottom of the Hilton or near river mouth all in lands unite it’ll all types different even with in that country and the difference is is actually the levels of that what the levels of sodium and pay hikes levels in the soil I’m to where it is it’s like crying high in agriculture and yeah one of the things I did ten years ago to answer that question was I did agricultural land testing of all the souls across Thailand in Philippine in the different areas bomb is that we chose from and one of the biggest things to understand as well as it might not just pay at that time but it’s also a threat seasonality site three wet and dry season the so soil levels will change the PH level the setting up of this will all change so what I did was I constructed a %HESITATION I plan to where we actually I’m Haavisto coconuts form and have a hundred percent traceability off out %HESITATION femme is and the source of act I cannot and and that’s just one part of it so if if the soil is a little bit off as I went about as coconuts because it went taste like and we have a sort of from the other ones that we grow yeah we measure time play I want give you that is the tie that south secret I knew where you going with this dot look where it is on it’s one of those things that there’s a certain level that we want to achieve and in the act in the agriculture testing and then not on top of that it’s also comes at a second what has living enzymes and it’s a really sensitive products a lot of people don’t know this and you know I can’t talk and site health times three dot but I’m and I’m not trying to that body on what I’m saying is that it’s a really sensitive products and say even from the time of harvest too when you transport it to your factory a manufacturer ya but locked and you break it I’ve been extracted what I put a three year had seats you had state system that the time off that the timing of that will affect the taste and quality legal news crews can’t and then back to what yeah I’m the other president mention to you from the ads sigh whether it’s a young and old and yeah you off the any between what is your exacts ideal technology looking for and I I can I can honestly say today that there’s a lot of brands of coconut water out there that I don’t feel what’s in that type of effort towards that is why we get the different sizes Simes in it like you you think that you’ve got to get the best one otherwise you getting in a crappy all one with crap in that’s right you know you you think about it you you Haavisto you take that taken out from the tray and it’s there in a in a holding cell for all thirty days on however long that time is it’s gonna changes get off at the first it’s a living first yeah I saw it at a local dairy the other day you know all I ask she writes in unit books on on health they got an a on the right foods and %HESITATION you can capture one of the early episodes of on the Mike and she’s talking about the advantages of getting a fresh fruit and vegetables the aiding them like that pretty much as soon as they’ve been right away yapping clocked look I think that yeah that’s it obviously ideal fresh anything straight away is is like that capturing it anyway in one of these things so that the issue with that is is the convenience side of things here has time to be able to take that for advice was every died eight them instantly and have it go off and that’s what we’re trying to help people with that everyone wants to get healthy using all these different things that were just trying to make our products that have got real ingredients in it is nothing he didn’t you know I would say that it’s %HESITATION and it’s all about convenience providing something like a fruit and vegetable bland one these ones that I’ve got convenience face a diet have to mix everything together and unite making cell that we really understand what’s seen on gradients let down on the other night if this is true it might just be a a weird rumor at them if you had the coconut water is up for related very close to plies not enough blood and in World War two on the battlefield they actually use coconut water yeah when they run out of line yet now that I’ve read lots of books about it yet I’ve never done it myself I think it be it’s the legal you know what I would probably do that as an examination up some coconut water with without chlorophyll watermelon wild berries and patriot yeah on it feels good do you feel I mean it be easier to drink about you like yeah of course I mean we do that twenty years into the future not I did like I think it was back in like World War two or something like that that they use that you infused seconds into people’s blood to replace the on their place liquids %HESITATION from what van at losing blood to a place that we could all day hydration is all hydration thing that’s correct amazing isn’t it like magic connotes that Tyler I like moving back in in that and would like to we went around to maybe I can just crack at an SDK but I don chargin on to try that let me do it fast I’ll do it one day that’s cool man I’m so you %HESITATION this is this is great sites you to tell us what what these products are you go because you’ve gone from just cutting out what it see you know old chlorophyll Kyle watermelon while there is big trees up because half the cooking out what was going right you getting calls and and all these massive still as a lever strider and and so yeah you all over the world and he thought well let’s just start doing some other stuff look it’s like my blood like leaving all right to to to to to grow the business in that way yeah we we wanted to say and how he was lives to become healthy I you know we want to give people the opportunity to become healthy out really easily and don yesterday and %HESITATION and some new and %HESITATION you know like if if we can provide convenience health of people in a better for a beverage and that’s what we want to try to do and we had a different target market for each one of our products and unite it’s about really understanding what your target market is for each product the rage brand out there and he gets paid yeah he %HESITATION you now that you’re getting paid well health is right on it yeah it’s about love developing a range of products that can be specific to people’s requirements to be out of the comm healthier and you know it’s it’s about post everybody convenience damp for this unite people not even has chlorophyll cow what amount why basically raise your file anyway Satan fly freely is a really good nutrients for your body net sites a green you treat %HESITATION it will help with the Taig it’ll help with that without I gained now putting on the health plans into this because we have a governed by laws and stuff like that I’m far feel is a really good %HESITATION nutrient that can agree nutrient they can help your body isn’t isn’t something that’s in plants that helps get some line yet in the plants to nude and incorrect gyro something yet highly say and and you’re thinking if that’s what it does for plan that’s what’ll help with your body okay well only unless something you’ve got any %HESITATION superfoods like it is just something that’s just created like a new fad away isn’t why I mean what is it yeah look I see a fade out spies is something it’s going to give you an enhanced nutritional something it’s going to benefit to your body yeah it’s probably pretty flimsy worthy gets thrown out there a lot to people is that on that bought you know I I I really do believe that not a lot of fruits and vegetables that are out there now I see the foods that we haven’t been aware of and my becoming more aware of these things as we find out the health benefits of what they can do you not like aids but we didn’t know that all these %HESITATION there’s all these different benefits of these fruits and berries out there now it would look coming more educators available for a loan was saying something about %HESITATION you know that blueberries can they get past the blood brain barrier and is this this so much crazy **** about food the world learning in people are becoming more savvy this kind of stuff Thailand now which is great because you hear so many horrible stories of food scientists on nutritionists that are telling people you know what they should date and it and it’s it’s crap that you would just sit on the shelf for a year because scientists made it rather than actual nutrition yeah yeah and and people getting off to a live like we were saying during out why we need potassium and while while we should be trying you know chlorophyll and yeah and and why we should be eating things that aren’t made from concentrate I what what was the difference as you got for your busy life you know and everybody has a busy life let’s face it you have real people have busy lives everywhere they in everything that they do and if you all your draining y’all potassium or your training different things levels of the body in the tank draining car yourself in a constant busy life side becoming more aware of the different for its like he said berries and things I’m not that you can put into your life to replace these nutrients in your body and replace electrolytes anybody feed they hide right and all that %HESITATION is you know what we trying to do in in instances like this you know we’re trying to provide paper that convenient solution to it its good men as I mentioned before a couple of %HESITATION you you pulled a few quotes from different books you be greater yeah I am yes I I set myself a goal to read a book a month %HESITATION when reading of development I add to my memory in the mastication stem arms actually that book I can only read one chapter awake and then I got to practice it say a masticating system yeah it would be prince and this week doing random interviews on the internet he had and a last minute in the other half of the world Jack that one nights I’m I’m actually also I just finished reading it I really fantastic book called on zero to one I’m by paid itself from I he started out and that book is about %HESITATION developing a product went when developing product in I mean in this case he developed a %HESITATION finance platform on bet he’s strategy of zero to one can be implemented in anything and it’s about if you’re going to develop the products or you get a launch a business or something like that launched something if you’re gonna launch it into a market that already exists your launching a selfish zero right and you’re trying to chase that number one position yeah if you’re launching something that is a new category something you do that innovative that to disrupt that yacht launching at one and the competition stopped as they are trying to get the number one position that can pretty simple strategy there and it’s not to say that you don’t launch product a launch at brand a lot something he in a in a %HESITATION in a saturated market it’s about if you’re gonna do it lawn something that’s different understand what your monopoly is yeah I understand what you’re different points and in Los I understand who you are actually targeting when launching that see I’ve seen so many businesses and brands and stuff like that launch a privately years of of my now almost ten years experience in these you know at lunch a brand inside this product is so good it’s for everybody many factors not as a whole different there were all different types of people that you know you want to know why it’s good for them and people went in and I got all that’s me I’m not just everybody people and a lot of people and you know they focus on what they do and and how they do it and stuff like that and that I forget the why they do it nine obviously I’ve come a Chevy saying the Simon sending stop yeah Simon Senate isn’t that isn’t it some millennials actually let’s try that now Simon cynic he does this a little video millennials in in the workplace like look I’m sorry my mind is flying in yet to take this group of people in the graduate school to get a job and the thrust into an it into the real world and in an instant they find out they’re not special their moms can get them a promotion %HESITATION that you get nothing for coming in last and by the way you can’t just have it because you want to get signed and sent it there he is on millennials but this guy I know all about finding your why so what was your why when you study the coconut company yeah look I I kind of wanted to and and how people’s lives to become healthy yeah you know I give him a convenient offering of health and I’m not saying like this is going to change your life I’m saying he’s an easy step to help you get a healthier life and you know my vision from that from day one in this business ten from ten years ago nine ten years ago when I said it has not changed all that the business is now involved in to multiple different brands and ranges my vision from day one was a healthy a fridge and pantry in every house out and that has never changed my my mission statement and it changed into words I removed the wide coconut water because we now have moved into other things outside of just checking out what I look at I am parent people healthy lot of the %HESITATION is still drinks though still beverage every as like a weight where healthy beverages were healthy beverage business students at beverage enough in his stride all these have a drink at all once you have it in America would you would you like a beverage yes I would like beverage thank you have a skill if Kevin a lot of them a beverage %HESITATION yeah cool man also EVA thought of because this is going so well what’s what’s next on the hit list you guys stick with this for ever on the side lead on the many things in your career and your life I did a look I I believe that we’ve got a lot more to cry with with a beverage industry and a healthy beverage industry and you know we just launched a watermelon what a brand called HTML and presto what I’m not because I hate to see if I like it and this is an honest opinion anonymous rex is is like I I think they get watermelons life is slow wrong yeah well I like not flavoring everything from lowly watermelon yeah please %HESITATION watermelon chewing gum I just might try that because if it’s going to be called and I did he call Sandilands doing an ad on the radio about the site you get your money back promoting this about saying you have to say during the a bomb and and the fertilizer any Rossel crates of watermelons in their Jackie as like us you do have a we we said to call we said like call you going to speak the truth about what you think about what I’m Alan yeah right there and do something that’s not a hand and and that’s what we’re about like real people having real opinions on not on on what it is actually quite good always always are you surprised I’m surprised the two reasons one yeah is is good into this I thought I have to fake it who she finally I would need a site I mean what amounts when I think that it’s all in a pit I’m still looking for the fuel price in there on the on the packaging that you look at what I was one of the things that’s been in your life for ever you know it’s a happy drink it’s been part of your life it’s been you’ve been eating a watermelon as a kid or that they watermelon lollies like you said a watermelon everything but it’s never been available as a drink ready to drink and how many people do you think China big watermelon down to the page you know I like it’s just not me Contiki one now you can Frankie try this exercise like a real watermelon honest opinion Frankie well about honesty and transparency so what do you think it’s good are you know it’s got a yeah you does that phrase that make it in I suppose Sarah actually funny bring that out we just launched a campaign going right now we tell it isn’t mine site we’ve got it we’ve got it HTML on mail and everything this they’ve got a melon very I scream in gelatin is a mind that our worldwide there in a couple of countries of the mind %HESITATION and you can buy the HTML and I’m July day from I’d tell it is about the mind and thoughts on time for on special flight is the stuff of you got I mean what we’ve got I’ve ranges twenty one products now we’ve got a whole new brand as well launching in April here how much is stepping outside of watermelon and stepping outside of coconut as well hobbit still focus on healthy beverage yeah the moment twenty one on skis and you know each one of our ranges has really been targeted towards a different demographics of people you know like we’ve we’ve gone in because I’m the kind of person that loves potassium and lycopene yeah what’s so like I thought no it apparently ahead it’s a photo nutrient which is an awesome antioxidant isn’t right hand drive yeah look at again it’s one of those anti oxidants it’s you know it’s also I found into modest %HESITATION it’s the thing that really makes a guy right as well but it’s not it’s one of those things that I would G. O. yet now talking delivering what’s what’s what’s the best one to drink with alcohol should US efforts he said and I would definitely side of watermelon today it is for the pain that you not an espresso martini with the cake express out of us living pretty pretty favorable look I see is okay we should have a back room used to have a whole coconut box and we had the fresh coconut someone would run out of coconuts with foreign usually take going to and they would what’s best coconut cocktail there is given to us right now asked coming up behind the United might one actually I’ve never been about and I couldn’t partly to save my life he has moved out of it now you know is running around running the highs around I was running around yeah and look at some of the best cop out at least a seven there was a cook at that age to cool which is made of coconut water queue combine a little dash of lines and fall got side that was probably very simple ingredients %HESITATION like it step sake it’s there are no sleep at your native land at nine and I just I ate a cucumber as I would just add that bit of freshness to it as well non as radical yeah icicle there you go even if you don’t watch a whole interview you’ve now if you don’t know how to pick a cocktail thinks that have yeah yeah yeah actually actually taste good for you that’s a co meant well thank you so much for bringing all these amazing coconut water and and talking about and and telling us all this the only ingredients you got into the new ones are anything that we haven’t talked about anything that forgotten anything that left off that you wanted to tell us about your incredible empire yeah look at Sam it’s a surprise I could talk about the the journey a little bit that has been on and and hopefully I can give some people some advice and in a business as well along the way yes so if you are young keep watching us right now you thinking you know one that like to be an entrepreneur like this guy he then maybe you want to give me a few tips that I started out maybe a couple of books to read yet look I I definitely think self education self development is that he’s an amazing thing like I’m now I mentioned getting itself a mentor is also a good way to help in Austin thank you shot to reach out to people and I’m happy to give them into one else I do have the affidavit mandated guy from the radio Hancock how can he tell how good of a mental he is %HESITATION that looked around as a haven amazing fast and he really is on and off that he’s just he’s just hilarious and I’ve said this many times of falling out is this so many people that dislike his uprights and this site about this so many people that love is the price and at the end of the day the people that dislike is the price constant watching him so he’s got to be doing something right along I like he’s yeah eight eight put me on my highest rating primetime TV show nice yeah because he didn’t show up in a row of the idea that cat for it would be rather because they would college Jackie a job has to be brother and he had %HESITATION people’s migraines or something like that and I’m like cool people that I was putting something in his food whatever result set at nine and he couldn’t do the radio show I %HESITATION over Christmas time or something like that so that the feeling for in there but he’s always been great to me in in a he’s a shock jock he has a lot of fun and yes things like watermelon seeds up your **** in an ad in the right now it’s a listening to ABC still the most successful radio announcer in this country alongside Alan Jones yeah Tyler and %HESITATION and it’s great to see exactly out because I love them and each other Jackie is really the brains behind the business yeah highlights the humble and it’s so it’s so Jackie o’s father because it yeah lover might to that school and say your mentors you assign yeah look I’ve I’ve got to I’ve got to mental is that I definitely %HESITATION that I definitely run things by and told to and stuff like that and %HESITATION they I. T. in two separate industries arm and a great people and great friends and like I said I could catch up with them running paas ideas %HESITATION tend to shy to tell them the truth as well I think people sometimes guy throughout business and get caught up in their own whites and don’t realize what the truth is that’s happening all don’t realize what’s going on hobby I guess according to something that you don’t understand them or that you may not be getting it but you don’t understand why it’s not working on what’s happening getting someone’s opinion is always a better way to do it either people you worked with before night and not actually sigh I’m fully sighted man does that I’d look up to these islands co tavy brownies and and from a company called phonic and he’s just amazing using the sixties man doesn’t have a live off fine it’s just like one of the most inspiring people the intifada bill yeah it is the empire that he’s been built is just plain amazing and you know what I like best about it is now he has similar values to myself I think in terms of being humble and you know I am just really wanting to help people and and I think that’s a great thing and and how do you have any Oscar of I’ve never really had a mentor other than my dad that Hey I ask someone to be a mental because it would be quite confronting question as someone has never heard it before like what’s that mean yeah look I I think it’s look maybe might not even be using that’s why but maybe just going to have a conversation with them at five one yeah you had it you’ve had an experience can I ask you a couple questions on it any next tonight now like I probably am I get people hitting up all the time on linked in a Facebook Hey I want to do this kind of run this idea posse and I’ll always give my honest opinion within always give my time to try to help because you know if I had to help when I was starting my business and I feel like I’d be so much further ahead I didn’t have that I didn’t reach out for now and I was self centered and caught up in mine thing and I was like nine you know you got it comes on the line and reach out to other people today ID Jane did help you would come to get out a jacket on a time thanks ID J. yeah thanks Sam you to pull Gigi center like a palette of coconut water every month yes he’s got unlimited supply of because it is that I would be a like family members let it come on yes my delivery units have like at least the people have to get it for free every month you know you read will do the ritual is full and out everywhere and getting a tail lights and you look at like the likes of like Red Bull to Bonnie dies guys you know the whole marketing thing that ladies in the category that marketing is about getting into people’s hands and trying it and you know what taking that approach as well no one knows what this is going to taste like everyone’s like coffee coconut water these guys are **** crazy yeah I’d like to try it if you didn’t have the watermelon thing it today like there’s no way I would buy that normally but now yeah I would definitely go by not thinking it’s good and this is not a paid advertisement because we wanted to get to know this guy and how I became a success and the object is also good yeah thanks very much like it cool man that’s great Bhadrak we’ve done everything we’ve covered it all yeah we have yeah thinking I found that thanks for the latest escape my problems you guys enjoy it to begin it’s it’s one sided rock out like I bring give out and I think everyone open up one of exactly daydreaming thank you so much for being on the line and regulations on on your credible company and good luck with everything for the future exactly what followed your exploits and everything you’re doing with a quick and I find yeah look we’ve got we’ve got a website HD coconut dot com I’m is probably the best as I blog site and things like that as well arms from the best place to get it but your stuff relate to them yeah obviously ran against find allies on the bodies Graham and HD KK and and we’ve got sides to Mellon which is at HTML on what I love the story very inspiring and even I get on the road and be an inspiring motivational speaker kind of guy I’m actually speaking in FMC day summit in Melbourne this Friday and Saturday and getting us to do a few things and I’m speaking at a %HESITATION my red Kansai summit sorry in Queensland on which is the tack and feed conference sign in April as well thanks have little things here and there look at some it’s a busy time I love sharing the story makes parents and and what we do and like I said I want to help people and and and she had experiences and challenges of the fact that when he challenges not even like to hear about how how good I’ve done it so what if it’s not about that doesn’t help you gave it some challenges us for sure we’ve had lots of ups and downs on one of that but I mean I know that my advice that I’d I’d love to sherry’s unite understanding your financials that that you know growing break thing is a really bad turning point five business a couple years ago and an understanding that nice to getting into the details of it getting is have a good finance manager are accountable cable whatever side you’re on and bill and trust and believe in them and listen to what I signed back on top of that constantly yeah good point some Asian older well they’ve joining us thank you very much wasn’t that Raymond David John is on the my place follow us on Facebook Twitter Instagram Michelman live and more episodes to come what’s your own lack of shared love it….

Gretsky The Great

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Comedian, social commentator, alligator potato, chocolate lover, chimpanzee shaver, acrobat and tightrope walker. Out of these Gretel Killeen is the first two and maybe more.

I worked with her on Big Brother when we were hosts and I have been lucky enough to be friends with her sort of. Gretel has friends and then gets new ones then comes back to the old ones and I’m an old one who is lucky enough to have her back for some fun with a microphone. Shes a crazy cat she is. That sounds rude, but its not because how much fun can you really have with a microphone? Tell a joke, sing into it, do impersonations. Ok, now Im just waffling.

She’s funny, talented and hosted more shows Disney. Are you reading this? You know its a video and you can watch it. Please enjoy! And if you do its free you know, so give it a share.

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Mike On The Mike

2018 Has been a sporty year for me indeed. The Commonwealth Games Beach Volleyball MC, The Host of Facebook Studio live for Facebook and Channel 7 interviewing all the athletes and soon The Sydney Kings will return with Australias greatest ever NBA export Andrew Bogut and of course me as your court-side MC. Heres some of the action below.

The Gold Medal winning Boomers Nathan Sobey and Damien Martin

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