Lindsay Scott WW2 Veteran

World War 2 Vet Lindsay Scott now lives on a boat in Hope Island and with ANZAC day coming up tomorrow. He has never done an interview. Who better to interview about the Anzac spirit, what this special day means to him and how different it will be this year.

Reggie the Survivor

Corona virus doesn’t get Reggie down. She’s already been sanitising and masking up for the last ten years. Regina Bird has a little boy with cystic fibrosis by the name of Lucas who is extremely susceptible to airborne viruses like COV-19. She may have won Big Brother and be going blind but it hasn’t stopped her or her great sense of humour. Just ask her how many times she’s been banned from Facebook for posting naughty funny stuff. We have a great laugh, we chat about the serious hurdles she’s been facing and what lies ahead for all of us in this uncertain time. #reggie#reggiebird#cysticfibrosis#coronavirus#coronavirusaustralia See Less