Medicinal Cannabis Saves Lives

Epilepsy, Parkinsons, Cancer, MS, Dementia can be helped by legal medicinal cannabis in Australia. Jason Jordan is living proof, he was disabled from MS and now medicinal cannabis has changed his life for the better, legally. Do your own research, find out the truth. Show this to everyone and lets change people lives together.
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The Action Coach

If you like “motivation porn” this is the guy for you. If it’s reading one of his 17 bestsellers, watching his drive time instagram live show or watching him speak on stage Brad Sugars is one of the best business coaches in the world. We chat about living in Vegas, his company Action Coach, his wine cellar and the state of play in American politics right now. Brad and his wife lauren were also caught in the crossfire at the Las Vegas Shooting, he also opens up about that in the latest episode of which is ALSO a podcast on iTunes.

Illegal Down Under

(disclaimer) RECORDED IN HOLLYWOOD AT THE GRAND OPENING of Lowell Farms, Californias first Cannabis Cafe. Mike and Courtney have been buddies for years so they agreed to catch up at the opening of the USA’s first weed cafe Lowell Farms Cannabis Cafe in Hollywood to film a little episode of On The Mike. Everyones favourite Batchelor boy from the USA and Australian series Courtney Dober has a new show called The Fixers where he travels the globe changing peoples lives for the better. Is he still in love, is he saving the planet and can he smoke a joint as good as Snoop Dogg? Watch and find out!