Tangalooma Laughs Comedy Fest

So I’m hosting this Comedy festival this weekend in Queensland. Its at a place called Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort. This scares me for two reasons. One is I don’t usually do stand up comedy and the other is dolphins really freak me out. SERIOUSLY. They are just weird, smelly, slimy things that make funny noises. How could they build a resort around WILD ones?!? That squeaky, eek, eek they do and the fact that they breathe out of their heads. Think about it, this thing breathes out of its freakin head. Which makes me wonder. If Im feeding it a fish and i stick my fingers in its blow hole does it choke? Not that I would they freak me out. But it makes me wonder. I digress, this Friday and Saturday night. Get on a boat and go to Tangalooma for some laughs.


Tangalooma comedy