Shooting Goldman

COMING late 2015

SHOOTING GOLDMAN from MikeGoldman on Vimeo.

Shooting Goldman is a psychological thriller about a reality TV host who finds out a documentary crew have fabricated elements of his career and he turns on his friends and family in order to find out whether his entire life has been a lie.

Mike Goldman stars as a fictional version of himself. He hires a film crew to document his transition from reality TV host to dramatic actor. But no one will take Mike seriously, not even his agent. They want to keep him in reality TV, his agent is even pushing for him to make a reality show about his life. Nobody thinks he can act.

So the film crew stage a fake audition to see if Mike actually can act. But when Mike discovers it’s fake, something snaps inside him. He begins to notice other elements of his life seem fake as well. When his agent refuses to drop the reality show idea, Mike becomes sure that the audition wasn’t the only fake thing. He suspects he may already be the unknowing star of a reality show.

Mike turns on everyone in his life in order to find out the truth and realises there is only one way to know. If his life is a reality show, they won’t let him kill someone. He’ll be stopped. The network wouldn’t let themselves be liable for that kind of thing. Now all he has to do is find a gun and decide who to kill.

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