Host of On The Mike weekly show Mike has been in the spotlight since the he was a kid acting in Home and Away at age 15. The voice on every episode of Big Brother ever made and voice on other shows like TV shows like Meerkat Manor, Next Top Model, documentaries on Discovery and Nat Geo. Voice of brands Rebel Sport, Westpac, Qantas, Foxtel, Coke, Nickelodeon, Nova and many more. Animated series like The World Animal Championships for Disney, You’re Called what and has a mockumentary titled “Shooting Goldman” set for release in 2015. Mike is the founder of The Sanctuary Film Festival, ambassador for many charities like The Charlie Teo Foundation, The Shepherd Centre and Chimera Legacy Foundation.

Acting? Well he has played an American in “Monsters Of Man”, “The Wilds”, “Hoages”, the Paul Hogan story, “A Place to Call Home” and is featured in the up coming film “Monsters of Man” shot in New York and Cambodia.

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